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I just spent a weekend on Nantucket crashing on a friend’s couch. He’s the artistic director of the Theatre Workshop of Nantucket. Hey, it’s who you know. We passed the island elementary school several times. Seeing it took me back to the summer I lived on Nantucket during college. It was my “black-and-white-Abercrombie-and-Fitch-catalog-summer-on-the-beach;” debaucherous and delectable. I worked as a camp counselor for Strong Wings. Every morning kids congregated at Nantucket Elementary at 7:45. We counselors would ride bikes with ten eight-year-olds trailing like ducklings. We’d go to various points of the island to kayak, hike or build “extreme” (really big) sand castles. My most indelible camp memory was of a kid named Clay. It’s illustrative, if boorish, to call him a “weenie”: chubby, whiny, always holding up the group, and most likely to lose the key to his bike lock on the beach. I hasten to say he was very sweet. Forgive my use of “weenie”, but I bet you’ve got a vivid picture. Clay drew the most mockery from fellow campers with his …

I Don’t Love You, Daddy

So Big E wakes from his afternoon nap (after his first day of preschool) and proclaims dispassionately, “I don’t love you, Daddy”. I knew this would come, but before he’s even potty-trained? I looked at him bemusedly (perhaps condescendingly) and responded, “Well, I love you, buddy. And I always will.” “I want some water. Not in a big-boy cup. In a sippy cup.” So I guess we’re back to normal.