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Rainbows and Unicorns

Recently a dear friend told me she reads my blog (13th reader!) and likes it, but…“I could use a few more rainbows and unicorns.” She is sweet. I am not. Well, I can be. But I won’t sanitize my parenting life…because it is HARD, people. Given the choice, I would have another acting gig and make peace with giving 85% of my salary to childcare. (It ain’t for lack of trying. Any casting directors out there reading this?) Admittedly, then I’d complain about being away from my boys so much. Complaining is so satisfying. Aren’t playground conversations all about commiseration? It lets us know we’re not alone. Plus, rainbow and unicorn parenting blogs just annoy me. 1. They make me feel like I’m not creative/energetic/crafty enough, 2. I don’t believe them. I think I’ve made it clear I would take a bullet for both my kids, but being a stay-at-home-dad is not in my DNA. The fact is: my days don’t feel full of rainbows and unicorns. It actually feels like a frantic struggle to …

Deep Thoughts from my 18-month-old

Colton is in a blissfully frustrating time at 18 months. He understands, “Want to brush your teeth? Take a bath? Stack blocks?” He runs to said item and is ready to brush, wash or stack. Soon he’ll be talking for real. Before that happens, I still like to imagine his thoughts: Wait, have I awoken? Yes. I’m still behind the bars of this bed. I shall make shrill sounds that force that tall one to come into my room. Cry! Ah. Hello, tall, haggard one. I’ll be quiet now. Wait. Let me collect three blankets and my paci before you pick me up. Fine. I’ll sit with you. Why would you deign to thrust this small car in my hands? Wait. Are your eyes still closed? Ugh. I’ll go entertain myself. I see a sippy cup under a chair. Four days of bacterial build up. Deeeee-lish. Tall, neglectful one? Take this sippy cup. Now. Wait, are you standing up? Cry! Blocks? Oh, fine. I’ll indulge your silly obsession with stacking blocks. Stack again. Oh, tall, …


My second born son, Colton, is a magnificent study in extremes. He is adorable. He could charm the wallpaper off the walls. His seductive grin makes mincemeat of the hardest of child-hating hearts. And at the opposite extreme, what I call: #tearlesscrying. Not tantrums. It’s worse. He whines incessantly. Seriously, y’all. It’s soul-sucking. Believe me, Colton does not lack for coddling. Remember the whole ‘He’s so cute” bit? He’ll snuggle for hours. (Well, 15 minutes). It’s heaven to hold him in my lap after a nap. (Though his nap mainly consisted of 30 minutes of silence and 20 minutes of what? You guessed it: #tearlesscrying.)