What are You Pansies So Afraid Of?

(Apologies to grammarians for this post’s title ending with a preposition. “Of what are you so afraid?” or “You’re afraid of what, you pansies?” didn’t seem sufficiently direct.)

Seriously: what are you so afraid of?

So the Supreme Court has upheld Trump’s banning of the trans community from military service.

I’m confident this will be over-turned by lower courts since it’s fundamentally backwards and history progresses forward.

(I also fundamentally believe that Trump loves to battle the trans community so he can fire up his base in the midst of the Mueller investigation, emoluments, family corruption, etc etc etc. It’s distraction by the master-distracter, himself.)

And Trump needs to whip up a frenzy of fear in his base. Because this is all about fear. But fear of what?

The entire Republican paradigm is about fear…fear of change, fear of whatever might be un-American (defining “American” in a very narrow context, fear of Iran/Chinag/North Korea/everyone, fear of others, fear of not being the biggest/strongest/fastest, fear of strangers/immigrants/boogeymen, fear of not facing their own demons and whatever else can be feared.

This fear comes from insecurities, the unknown and not being honest with themselves.

Sort of like the adage, “Republicans love their country like children love their parents, and Democrats love their country like adults love their parents,” being so afraid is juvenile. We, as a country, need to go out into the world as citizens, link arms with every other world inhabitant, and strive to collectively save our world from turmoil and roasting to death.

And stop being so afraid of NOT being the biggest/fastest/strongest.

But back to gender.

What are Trumpettes and the anti-Trans fanatics so afraid of? Realizing their own variances in gender?

 You people do realize that LGBTQ rights are just about people speaking their truth, being honest, and loving themselves and their fellow humans, right? They/we aren’t trying to convert or recruit you.

They’ve already gone through a tremendous amount of tortuous self-questioning and discovery to know that going against the conventional grain, no matter how socially painful, will lead them to be happier, more productive, compassionate people.

Trumpettes fear the perceived undermining of their own “social masculinity”. What do I mean by that? Be they men or women, our American over-inflated culture of toughness, independence, dominance and competition; our cultural masculinity that has been so bastardized that we’ve completely fucked up the definition of masculinity.

This cultural masculinity is based on insecurity…like grown men fearing they’re losing their dominance and virility. Thinking the only way to be powerful is to dominate; being petrified of being replaced by the younger, quicker, and more handsome.

That’s the GOP in a nutshell: domination, competition, and fighting the other (even an invented “other” to feed their own insecurity) and fear fear fear.

These men and women follow Trump and buy into beating down the weak in order to compensate for their own insecurities that have stunted their own emotional growth. They go after the wusses and wimps and (let’s face it) gays. Basically, anything weak: meaning feminine and/or gay.

Well guess what, folks? The wusses and wimps end up running businesses, media and empires. Pussies conjures the strength and badassery of being a woman. And the gays? Well, don’t fuck with the gays.

And the trans community? Their honesty, passion, love and forthrightness will absolutely trump Trump and his Trumpettes.

Because all of these humans, both binary and non, are secure in their own truths, have their priorities straight, and are on a mission to spread love and acceptance throughout the world.

So I ask, again, bigots and anti-LGBTQ folk and Trumpettes: what are you so afraid of? A bunch of pansies trying to make the world a more honest place? You’re afraid of honesty and love?

You sound like real wusses.


  1. New to me: the adage, “Republicans love their country like children love their
    parents, and Democrats love their country like adults love their parents.” I guess that means Repubs love in dependent subordinate way; Dems in a more independent and equal manner, but also in a respectful and protective way. I am not sure my interpretation is what the author of the adage meant.


  2. Bravo. You nailed it on this one. Fear Fear Fear. That’s what the GOP message is these days. And many GOP subscribe to a totally messed up notion of “masculinity” which explains the rejection of trans and gay. The GOP/Conservative synonym for masculine should be “macho” but that’s a far cry from how I would define masculine.
    A masculine male, by my definition, has a heart and a soul and he’s not afraid to show it.
    He has a feminine aspect to his character which enables him to be a marvelous mother OR father
    to his children; he is compassionate and at times even “soft”).
    Just like many healthy women have so-called “masculine” traits like bravery, outspokenness, and
    leadership qualities), healthy men embrace so-called “feminine” traits. I thank God I married a
    man with some feminine traits. It has made all the difference in our marriage, in the rearing of our
    children, and in his relationships with others. I support the struggles of the trans community and
    agree with the author that this recent decision barring them from military service will be struck down by the courts.


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