Inside the Mind of a Gender Creative Boy

May all of our kids be this self-aware and expressive when they are 10 years old.

Raising My Rainbow

I hear from a lot of adults raising gender expansive four and five year olds. The adults are typically stressed, confused, lonely and scared. I get it. I’ve been there. Ages four and five were the toughest for us in terms of parenting a gender expansive child. I tell families that it gets better once the child can communicate his/her thoughts and feelings. Like, now, with C.J. being 10 years old and getting ready to start fifth grade, if I have a question about him, I can ask him and he can answer. I asked C.J. what he remembers thinking and feeling when he was four and five years old and I wrote it all down. I’m hoping that sharing C.J.’s memories below might help families currently wondering and/or struggling. xoxo, Lori

(By: C.J., age 10, August 2017)

When I was two years old I kind of liked cars and…

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  1. I love this!!! I love that he is finding his way naturally and doesn’t feel like he has to be pigeon-holed into a label! What great parents allowing him to explore and supporting him and giving great advise along the way!

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  2. Yup, that’s a fantastic blog to follow, and what an inspiring young one CJ is. My current ‘girlfriend’ feels like she’s both genders- always has- loves ‘male’ clothing and jobs/tools etc, but wouldn’t dream of transitioning; she just wants to be free to be ALL that she is.


  3. What an awesome, insightful, wise young man; I loved this post. It’s so heartening to know that
    there are lots of children out there with the same issues. No one really needs to feel alone.
    Maybe there should be a support group for these children and/or their parents. Maybe there
    already is. I am up-lifted by this blog entry. Thanks for posting.


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