Is Love for Sparkles Genetic?

Where does our draw to sparkly things come from?
OMG. I can’t let that sentence stand…but “from whence does our draw to sparkles originate?” sounds ridiculous.
Anyway. Why do we like sparkles? Is there prehistoric programming within us to collect sparkly things because sparkly things can be used as…currency? Or status- like the crab in Moana?
Perhaps is purely aesthetics?…Zeus and Gaia and their ilk thought, “I should give these pathetic humans something nice to look at since life is so nasty, brutish and short. I know! I’ll endow  ‘em with taste!”
Back in the day, did Neanderthals attracted to rainbows steer their tribes from danger? Or did they lead them straight into certain death on quixotic rainbow hunts…but have a fabulous road trip on their way to starvation?
Did little girl cro-magnons (and boy cro-magnons, Gavin…don’t forget the topic of which you’re writing) decorate their animal pelts with daisies in the springtime?
There was definitely an appreciation for art…just look at the Lascaux paintings in France. But were they also indulging an appreciation for “beauty” in their expression? Were those painters also the chefs/designers/dancers of their tribes?
Did aesthetic fabulosity go hand-in-hand: cave drawings, daisy accessorizing and shiny/sparkly things? Or are we drawn to sparkly sequins because Mother Culture tells us to consume them? Did the invention of the disco ball tap into our base caveman attractions or was it just commercialism?
I’m a Libra, and almost all astrology says I have an “appreciation for beauty.” (And yes – my sparkle-obsessed son is a Libra, as well…born three days after my birthday.)
And if astrology is to be believed…is attraction to all things sparkly written in our stars?
Is it in our genetic profile?
Are we victims of marketing and consumerism?
Regardless, my little boy wants as much sparkle in his life as possible. And why not, eh? Doesn’t it make life better?


  1. Anything that seems to stand out of the ordinary, and our eyes and mind devour it. Can say the same for sparkles huh?


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