I Can’t Shut Up

For months, I’ve remained relatively silent about the debacle happening in Washington, DC.

This has been because my Facebook feed has been relatively devoid of political controversy. I know. Can you believe it? Talk about a bubble.

My Facebook profile was created well after I was entrenched in my NYC bubble of theatre friends. My “friends” have certainly expanded to include my high school and college friends, but it’s been almost completely devoid of vitriol. I’m sure that many of my friends are from the other side of the political spectrum, but no one NOT ONE TIME has ever posted something pro-Trump on my facebook feed.

(As another funny illustration, when gay marriage passed a couple years ago, 9/10 of my friends all had the rainbow filter on their profile pix.)

Again: I know. That’s crazy.

So I’ve remained somewhat silent because I didn’t feel like contributing to the din of all my friends who agree with me.

Then, another friend called me out on it: “Yo, G. Why are you so quiet? We need your informed snark.”

So I’ve decided to come out of the mental cloud and onto the internet cloud and create a dialogue.

Here, on this platform, I want to discuss. I want to “friend” people with differing views. I want to have an informed conversation.

I know so many people will say “I tried it. It’s crazy.”

Or “That’s so quixotic.”

Or “What the fuck is quixotic?”

Or “There’s no sense in reasonable dialog. Only fighting. ‘They’ hated and stymied and blocked and obstructed and threatened Obama for 8 years. What’s the point?”

And I see that point.

But I confess – it’s not me. I’m a talker. I’m patient. And I cannot keep from wanting to reach a common ground with people. All the time.

Oh, believe me, I think a lot of people are fucking stupid. But moreover, I think people are scared.

And few people ask “Why? WHY do you believe what you believe?”

I’m going to try. I’m really, really going to try to engage.

I’m going to march. I’m going to call my representatives. And those small actions carry great weight.

But that’s not enough for me. I discuss. I don’t debate particularly well. I get too heated and emotional. But what I can do is discuss and share.

That’s my strongest weapon.

Here’s my Facebook profile. Let’s talk.


  1. It makes my entire body ache to admit this but my husband voted for Barry Goldwater back
    in the day and look at him know…..a strong Democrat! My brother in law used to vote solid
    Democratic but now he’s attracted to the dark side. People do change. I wish you luck and patience in your goal to engage the other side. It’s a tall order but if anyone can change some minds, it you.

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  2. Well, good luck with that. I have, on the other hand, experienced a mix as I do have people with opposing views and the hardest part is when it is family. When someone says they are would not put the brakes on if they were in a vehicle approaching a group of protesters and that if I don’t like my country, I should move – and they are your blood family and then you proceed to watch other family members “liking” the post – well sorry, but it brings out the worst in me because all I really want to say is go f yourself. Yesterday, I sat in my office having had to deal with these type of unbelievable comments followed by my son posting something intelligent (after all, he works at Google Manhattan and is brilliant and intelligent, so it was a thoughtful and powerful post) and again watching family members say he was on a rant and judgmental but have absolutely no point to offer, well frankly I’ve had it. I no longer want to know what the f they think because they don’t want to take the time to educate themselves on anything that is based on facts. It’s all rhetoric and all Fox News. So Gavin, I wish you good luck – let me know how many days you are able to go before you go off on one of them pro Trumpers. I see nothing good about the man – nothing. But I love you for trying!

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  3. I’m vocal. It’s not easy to have some nutcrazed trumpee troll and spew the most disgusting words at a post on something like Hugs relating to immigrants & refugees. Trying to have a conversation means 2 reasonably sane folks talking. Good luck on that 😉. Admirable willingness to try. Please keep us updated. 😇🌷

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  4. UNfortunately, the division between the Dems and GOP seems to only grow wider, with FAR too many people bringing a “don’t try to confuse me with facts and details” mindset to any potentially meaningful and/or productive discussion … sigh. 😦


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