I Tried, Donald. I Really Did.

Hi, Mr. Trump.

I’ve given up on you, already, and I’m a really patient person. I gave you the benefit of the doubt by trusting your word that you’d be a president for all Americans.

I thought you really wanted to #draintheswamp.

I thought you really wanted to change how Washington operated.

And I thought you might be interested in hearing from the more than 50% of Americans who did not vote for you, but whose interests you’d still like to serve.

But when you fill the already-acrid swamp with Washington’s least-qualified, blatantly corrupt and most entrench operators, my world-wide movement (with 3 followers and 2 independent postings-besides my own) feels pointless.

You used to brag about being a mover and shaker who controlled politicians. Now you’re becoming their pawn.

You’re filling cabinet spots with people who divide instead of unite.

I thought you’d care about being well-rounded and serving all interests.

But nope, you’ve continued to be the hateful, tone-deaf caricature of a cartoon politician…just like in the election.

So I don’t care about flattering you with witty pleas to your business “acumen”.

I won’t cater to your perpetual hard-on for making money.

And I’m done with your fragile ego. You should’ve grown beyond that, by now. You’re over 70.

You’ve proven you don’t care about the rest of us who didn’t vote for you. So I no longer care about communicating with you. I’m just gonna yell at you. Because, frankly, that feels better.

I guess that’s why you do it, all the time; indulging childish instincts is easier than thinking things through.

Good luck.

I’m not giving up. I’m still hoping you’ll get in a twitter war with me. But until you prove NOT to be “just another politician”, I’ll take a harder approach.

So, still: #HearMeTrump. Don’t be deaf and dumb.

One comment

  1. Well said!!
    I was naively hoping that his campaign rhetoric would yield to a different kind of presentation after the election… a deeper and more thoughtful person with the well-being of the nation at heart”. I was stupid enough to think that maybe his campaign rhetoric was just
    his strategy for snagging the alt-right and ultra-conservative demographic. Nope!!!! The jokes on me and everyone who hopes beyond hope. He turns out to be exactly who he was during the campaign: the 2-dimensional person who is primarily concerned with feeding his ego
    almost constantly: Self-serving. Shallow. Consistently under-informed. Conservative in a Newt Gingrich sort of way. Insular. Self-aggrandizing. Need I go on? I will absolutely demonstrate against his presidency beginning in Grant Park, Chicago,
    in 2017. He’s not my president. He does not deserve to follow in the footsteps of Obama, Bill Clinton, even Bush Senior, Eisenhower,
    Kennedy, etc.


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