Trump. My President.

Yesterday was my grief day. I pledged I’d be back on my feet, today.

Don’t get me wrong…everything that Donald Trump embodies is what I teach my children to avoid. I hate him.

And all of the hateful violence and harassment we’ve seen against people of color, immigrants, gays or people of different political stripes is un-American.

(Also: I hope between now and January that Trump is convicted of all the crimes for which he’s accused and ends up in jail. Then again, Pence would also be a nightmare. C’mon Electoral College reflect the majority vote, stage an electoral coup and elect Hillary Clinton. Please.)

But today, I’m moving forward. Because Trump won the most (Electoral College) votes. He is going to be President. So let’s figure some things out:

I might be fooling myself, but I do have hope. He is educated (I didn’t say smart), he grew up in a city of diversity (c’mon Omarosa, minorities need your out-spokenness, now), and let’s hope he returns to his (formerly eschewed) “New York values” (assuming that means a “live-and-let-live-don’t-bother-me” attitude, as opposed to hate.)

Calm down. I’m not giving him a pass.

I have hope. And a LOT of worries.

But if Donald Trump wants to be a President for all of America, as he claims, then that means we have a voice. There are two months before he is sworn in, so we have two months to make sure he knows our values and priorities.

As Hillary Clinton said in her concession speech (where she displayed the grace and humility of a President), Trump hasn’t begun to govern, but he deserves a chance.

So I’m starting my own campaign, today: #HearMeTrump. I’m using my first free speech to reach right to reach out to Donald Trump and let him know my concerns.

Please join me (and my political exploitation of my children) and snap selfies with what you’re desperately hoping he will consider.

I’ll be protesting and speaking out as much as possible for the next four years.

But I’m employing hope, too…hope that this man born in New York City will somehow employ his big city roots to know the fabric of American life is not about hatred or bullying, but about diversity and teamwork…so that America remains as great as it has always been.


  1. As we have seen in previous elections, sometimes a candidate will “say what they have to say” to get elected, but then realize they have to “move to the middle” to get anything done. Trump tapped into an ugly underbelly portion of our populace to get himself elected – now let’s hope his monstrous ego will allow him to listen to those who will undoubtedly ATTEMPT to advise him on what’s necessary to govern effectively and fairly … HOPE SPRINGS ETERNAL!

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  2. I’m not quite there yet. I’ll get there eventually. Maybe. But my passion is for reproductive rights and, well….his entire persona is one big screw you to women. The fact that he was elected is an affront to my very person. It’s hard to let that go. I too will be protesting and screaming and being active and writing. Whether or not that comes from a place of forgiveness and understanding remains to be seen. After all, forgiveness and understanding needs to come from BOTH side. I’m not getting it from the other.


    • I hear ya, Dina. Let’s hope hope hope his “new York values” will come back and he won’t be terribly anti-Roe. Hoping. Hoping.


      • Yeah, an expected, but still painful twist of the knife. But…as I’ve been saying to folks, it’s time to get real. It is time to accept the fact that this particular administration has no plan on being kind to or helping certain demographics. The sooner we realize that, as painful as it is, the easier it is to organize and fight it. After all, is there any point in waiting around to see if they stab you in the back once or twenty times? Not in my book.


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