Dear Senator

I’ve Emailed this letter to these 50 senators. And I’m going to print 50 copies and mail them to their offices, as well. I hope you’ll do the same. Feel free to use this as a template or change however you’d like. Here’s the link for the senators’ addresses.


Dear Senator:

Don’t worry – this isn’t just another letter about gun control.

Instead, I’m writing about your character.

I’m terrified that my two young sons are in danger whenever they venture out of my house. You have created this danger by shirking your legislative responsibilities and being the pawn of special interests like the gun lobby.

As an educated, intelligent person, I’m sure you know that reasonable gun reform is supported by a majority of Americans. (And by “reasonable,” I merely refer to background checks, waiting periods and outlawing automatic weapons.)

I’m sure you don’t want history to smear your name with the blood of innocent children on playgrounds. I bet you dare to emulate our Founding Fathers. What would they say about the current congress being slaves to special interests and allowing extremists to purchase MR-15s?

Why can’t you be a principled statesperson instead of a cowardly politician? Don’t you want to be on the right side of history – the brave side?

We know that special interests control your re-election war chest. But wouldn’t you prefer to be remembered as a bold leader instead of a dirty politician beholden to Mr. Moneybags who directs your vote, even though you know it’s not in the best interest of your constituents? Are you an insecure “Jonah Ryan” middle schooler aspiring to higher office to avenge the cool kids who taunted you?

This plea is about your integrity and your legacy in American history textbooks.

Make your term worthwhile. Please vote for reasonable gun reform and become a campaign finance reform champion. You know this is the right thing to do.

My kids depend on your character.

Change your commitments and I’ll get you tickets to Hamilton on Broadway. Seriously. I know people.

Thank you,

Gavin Lodge

(Occasional Broadway actor and not a resident of your state, but an American citizen counting on you, nonetheless.)

(Please do not put me on your mailing list…unless you support campaign finance reform. Then I’ll give you $15.)

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  1. Wow.. clearly you made this political. Was that necessary? What about the many Senate Democrats (incidentally, see here: who voted down gun legislation a mere week ago? Americans are fearfully uneducated about how legislation works, and how the Congress works. And you of all people should appreciate that various political factions are using YOUR emotions as a wedge in their power grab. Maybe include everyone next time.

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