Disney Drag

So my son’s been going through a strong princess phase for the last year. As he announced to me, one evening, “Daddy? I’m excessed with Disney princesses.”

Truer words, son. Truer words.

In his big love for all things Disney, he’s fascinated by the villains. And he’s predictably drawn to the villains who scare him.

Many of the Disney movies we’ve borrowed from the library have ended up scaring him. He’s watched The Little Mermaid exactly once, because Ursula scares him. Ditto with Beauty and the Beast (which, btw, is objectively terrifying…beasts, wolves, murderous bands of villagers, Gaston’s chest hair).

Despite these fears, my son loves to linger on the villain pictures in books and has lots of questions about their hair and capes and gowns.

As I’ve become reacquainted with these villains for the first time since childhood, I see them with fresh (and catty) eyes.

And I wonder if my son is actually drawn to drag queens, cuz let’s face it: all Disney villains are basically drag queens.

IMG_7039Image credit: ABC Disney pop-up book by R. Sabuda


That hair? That voice? That bust? That double chin?

Girlfriend is everybody’s favorite baritone-d drag show emcee… channeling your chain-smoking Auntie Nadine circa 1971, clad in polyester and pink feather boa.

She’s funny, funny, funny cuz she’s fat, fat, fat.

She sexually abuses all her backup dancers and performing drag artists. But everyone knows she’s in control, because: She. Is. The. Queen.

Seriously. She must have been written by a drag queen: “A prince? Daddy’s gonna love that.”

And her song? Fabulous. And is that side boob on “never underestimate the importance of body language?” at 2:41?

Drag show theme song: Finally

IMG_7033 2Image source: Disney Storybook Collection in my personal library


Come ON. Too much fabulosity NOT to be a drag queen.

She’s become the one too old to be young and hot, but too skinny to be old and fat, and full of so much bitterness, her body is still wasted away to cinch herself into an abusive corset and look fierccccccccce.

Theme song: Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (remix, of course)

IMG_7035 2Image source: A Princess book I got for Xmas


The grand dame of the Disney drags. The 45-year-old queen most desperate to hang on to her figure and youth. But most of all: pissed she never got a show-stopping number to be performed in drag bars from here to her fairy tale woods.

Theme song: I’m Still Here

IMG_7029 2Image source: A Princess book given to my son

Cruella Deville

I mean…she never quite made it. But Cruella inherited serious street smarts to earn a buck.

Poor broad is cold and just quivers off her calories while existing on a diet of cigarettes and gin. The hair is fab, the wasted figured is fab. Ol’ girl needs a puppy coat and then she’ll finally find contentment, love and happiness.

Probably never performed on stage, but loves to guffaw at mash-ups of Joan Crawford (and then cries in the cab on the way home for what never was.)

Theme song: Cabaret

IMG_7028 2Image source: Princess book #17 I own


So hardcore, she’s nearly a villain. And the moment she changes her dress and flips her hair? I mean, come on. Not to mention this brilliant drag queen performance

Theme song: If I Could Turn Back Time

IMG_7038Image source: ABC Disney pop-up book


You see serpentine royal vizier. I see Wicked Witch envy.

She would be embraced on any drag stage.

Theme song: Defying Gravity

IMG_7027 2Image source: One of the 15 Princess books I own


But look at that bare midriff. Drag.

Theme song: I’m Comin’ Out

IMG_7030 2Image source: One of the other 15 Princess books I own


Purple eye shadow? Purple plume?


Theme song: Lady Marmalade


And finally:

IMG_7036Image source: ABC Disney by Robert Sabuda

I’m pretty sure this is Gaston from Beauty.

Theme song: Man, I Feel Like a Woman


  1. Hysterical. The one you don’t know is the villain from The Princess and the Frog. New Orleans voodoo…and terrifying. Check out the Susan Sarandon mom in Tangled — also total drag queen potential.

    Mercy, Compassion, Hope



  2. Nate was always most terrified by Pinnochio and for good reason. Nate always called it “Poinky Oinky” because, as his pronunciation problems suggested, he was tongue tied. He ended up calling the movie by the right name, but he was still terrified. By the way, the Princess in BRAVE is Willa’s favorite.


  3. I absolutely love how you embrace all phases of your son! I have a 3 year old son who also seems to hyper-focus upon one or two things at a time, currently – it’s Gardeners and gardening tools. Living in SoCal, this is taboo (Very stupid, I know) but I love it. We spend the bulk of a good Saturday in Sears or Home Depot holding leaf blowers. I love that your son loves the princesses! You… my friend, are an awesome dad.


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