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I’m Internationally Recognized


Okay, fully bragging, here. But I was flattered to be chosen by journalists at “Very” magazine/catalog in England. They commissioned my glamor shots by Jeremy Davis (I almost spelled it “glamour”…see how British I’ve become, already. It’s like Madonna and that weird accent she sports.) I had a fun time picking clothes out of their catalog and writing quips about them. Sadly, I didn’t get any free threads. I didn’t even get a link to the catalog…because it isn’t online. How quaintly “last century” of them. At any rate, I was happy to contribute.


  1. Joel Hatch says

    Hi Gavin, Not to burst your bubble, maybe the fact that your kids are so damn cute, might have entered into consideration. I love your writing and your kids. Joel

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    • georgeeknox says

      No bubbles burst, I assure you. Cute kids, drunks and dogs sell tickets, pictures and bags.


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