Bag Project Chapter 4: What’s a diaper bag for? Sunglasses.

During our meetings to discuss mission statements and blankets and company names, James and I of course discussed aspects of diaper bags. He’s not a father, so I told him the basic needs:

“We need pockets. Lots and lots of pockets. We need to feature the pockets whether or not people use them. I mean, I don’t use pockets. I’m not that organized. I dump things into my bag. The only time I actually organized the contents was taking a flight, and even then, the contents spilled out during security screening, proving my point that there’s no point in organizing the insides of a bag. Still, pockets were a selling point for me and they will be for prospective parents.”

James laughed.

I went on to make a personal point, “However, I did use the pockets on the outside of the bag. There was quick access for a bottle, for pacifiers, and – I’m a little embarrassed to admit – a pocket for my sunglasses.”

“The important things,” James laughed.

“Happy daddy makes a happy baby,” I responded.

We talked fabrics.

“I envisioned a leather texture like Louis Vuitton,” and then I quickly back-tracked, not wanting to sound naïve in comparing our bag to Louis Vuitton. “I mean, you know something that’s that texture. But maybe in blue.”

“Ok. First of all,” James said as he picked up his Louis Vuitton gym bag…again, we have different styles: I’ve carried the same Arcteryx backpack for eight years and sent it back to the factor to replace zippers twice, James carries his gym clothes in Louis Vuitton. I digress.

“Ok. First of all, Louis Vuitton isn’t leather. It’s treated canvas.”

Huh? I was lost.

“The good thing about treated canvas is it’s durability and washability.”

“Ohhhhhhh,” light dawning over me. “I always kinda wondered why people would spend so much money on a bag they wouldn’t want to carry in the rain.”

“Exactly. This kind of fabric is a great idea.”

Validation. I’m such an actor.

After weekly meetings over the course of a month (James was busy with rehearsals, I was busy being a dad of a 2-year-old and a 4-month-old and performing in ANNIE on Broadway eight times a week), we had preliminary sketches of a bag.

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